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Business Hosting




RM 189.00



5GB SSD Space

5 Email Accounts

5GB Bandwidth






RM 389.00



10GB SSD Space

10 Email Accounts

50GB Bandwidth






RM 589.00



20GB SSD Space

20 Email Accounts

100GB Bandwidth






RM 889.00



30GB SSD Space

30 Email Accounts

300GB Bandwidth



Plan Details

Fast Server and Solid State Disk

Optimized Hosting is an environment which your server can both store and access data and serve your website faster to visitors.

Traditional web servers uses normal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that consist of a metal disk with a magnetic coating that stores your data. A reading arm hovers over the disk, storing and extracting data as needed. The faster the disk itself spins, the faster it can store or access data. Unfortunately, the disk can only spin just so fast before it fails, limiting the drive’s speed.

In Skytomato WordPress Optimized Hosting, our servers uses Solid State Drive (SSD) which have no moving parts. SSDs store information in microchips, similar to a flash drive or memory stick. As a result, they do not require power to “spin up” and have no mechanical limitations impeding their speed.

Because SSDs serve data significantly faster than HDDs, SSD hosting offers you a website that will load much quicker. This can impact factors like ranking in search engines, user experience, conversion rates, and generally help your website become more successful.

Fast Caching Software

Our WordPress Optimized Hosting uses Egintron (a type of server software) to improve the performance & web serving capacity of our server by installing & configuring the NGINX web server to cache static files like CSS, JS, Images, etc before sending to your visitors. This results in a significantly improved performance.

Skytomato Business & Enterprise Hosting Plans are WordPress Optimized (SSD and Engintron server software).

Starter and Standard Hosting Plans are on traditional HDD with normal web server software.


Business communication is important. Managing multiple email users, business specific email addresses, blocking spam, and creating filters can be a hassle. What cPanel has done is create easy to use tools that enables the website owner to control email from easy to use interfaces.


Securing a website and server can be a hassle for even the most seasoned professional. cPanel helps its users by providing the tools needed to help reduce the possibilites of attacks all the while giving the website owner secure access to their server.

File Management

With multiple domains, subdomains, email accounts, CMS platforms, and users who access the server via FTP; A website owner can quickly become overwhelmed with trying to manage the server. cPanel makes this easy with their File Management tools.