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Emergency WordPress Website Malware Removal Services

  • One-time emergency malware removal
  • Scans and removes malware
  • Returns your website to a clean state

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Website Infected? Don’t Panic!

Malware can take down your website for days, hurting you and your customers. Get back to business fast with WordPress Malware Removal Services. Our emergency malware cleaner will kick in when you purchase order. This is a one-time service.

website infected
website malware removal

Website Malware Removal

Every day, criminals compromise thousands of websites. Hacks are often invisible to users, yet remain harmful to anyone viewing the page. We can quickly assess if your site is infected with malware. Once you give us the ‘green light’ to start we will assign a dedicated expert to remove all the malware from your site.

Cure Google Warning

We immediately set to removing all the defacements, malware, causes of spam, trojans, viruses and malicious injected scripts from a Hacked Website. In the words of Google we will “Restore the good content and remove the bad content”. Our immediate focus is to quickly clean your website so it is back up and running for your business.

cure google warning
hands on removal

Hands On Removal

This services is not an automated malware removal service. We are a hands on professional website security company and once we’ve completed the website malware removal, we will inform Google for review and remove the warning. We focus on your website security so you can focus on your business. Let us help you NOW – Save your reputation.

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Find & Scan

find and scan

We will download all your website files for backup and engage various malware scanning tools and also use our hands and eyes to comb through the code to find the malware.

Remove & Fix

remove and fix

Next we will remove the malware codes and files from your website code we found. We will close known security gaps on your website to minimized further attack of your website.

Be Back In Business

Google blacklist removal

Once all your site files are clean, we will submit and request to Google to verify and remove the error message so your website is up again and can get back to business as usual.

Website Security

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Manual Malware




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Malware Removal Includes
One Manual Malware Cleaning
1 website with less than 100 pages
Up to 1000 Core Files Check WordPress CMS
Vulnerability Scanning
Remove SEO Spam Injections
Remove Malware Injections
Remove Phishing Files
Remove Malicious Redirects
Blacklist Removal
Google Review Submission Google Safe Browsing Approved
Cure Google Blacklist
Cure Google SERP Warnings
Cure Browser Warning Screen
14 days Guarantee Period

Website Security Plans to fix and protect your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have an SSL certificate, why do I need SiteLock?

An SSL certificate secures the information passed back and forth between visitors and your website (i.e. credit card information, login name and password) but it can't find malware or the vulnerabilities hackers use to break in and do damage.

SiteLock not only finds vulnerabilities and malware, it automatically removes them from your website using our SMART malware removal tool. It complements your SSL certificate, making your website hack-proof.

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How does SiteLock work?

SiteLock website security scanner checks your website for common vulnerabilities, including phishing exploits, SQL injection flaws, and cross-site scripting. It checks your URLs, submits forms, posts comments and performs other tests to find the application vulnerabilities hackers use to break in.

SiteLock’s SMART malware removal tool automatically removes malware - no action needed from you. Our security system not only protects you and your customers, it keeps your website from being blacklisted by search engines.

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Will SiteLock scan my database?

No, SiteLock website security does not scan the content of your databases.

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What happens if SiteLock found vulnerabilities?

Usually vulnerabilities were due to outdated versions of Content Management Systems installed on your website such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. You will need to download and do a full backup of your website, and perform an upgrade of your web application to the latest version. If you are using a custom developed web application, then you shall contact your website developer immediately.

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If SiteLock removes malware automatically, why do you offer manual repair too?

New kinds of malware are created every day. There may be a short period of 24 - 48 hours during which SiteLock is unaware of a new attack. We provide an added level of protection by fixing your site manually if needed (Available on Active Plan).

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Can SiteLock remove all threats?

No, because new kinds of malware are created every day and the automatic scanning scans for known hacks. Some hacks still need to be removed manually by a security expert. We provide an Active Plan that can constantly remove such threat manually.

But it is advisable to contact your web developer to upgrade your website CMS to the latest version to prevent this from happening again frequently.

We provide WordPress CMS upgrade services at additional cost. Please contact us here.

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What happens if SiteLock found threats and I ignore it.

Your website might potentially get hacked and disrupt your website again. Your website might also be used as medium for sending out SPAM or hacking another vulnerable website.

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Why isn't Website Security the responsibility of the hosting company or the website developer?

Technology advances so does hackers, malware and spamming technologies. This constant attacks need the cooperation of you as website owner as well as your website developer to assist in the battle for a secured website. Hosting company like Skytomato will ensure the server and its network are secure and can only provide automatic based security solutions.

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What happens if I paid for Emergency Plan to remove the malware and it appears again?

Emergency Plan is only for 1 website and 1 time removal. You will need to order another plan or change to Active Plan or Upgrade your Website version.

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Why is Active Plan pricing different from others?

Active Plan consist of manual human time taken to constantly remove the repeating threat if the website is not upgraded or fixed it vulnerabilities. We strong advise you to upgrade your WordPress CMS to contain the issue.

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No matter where you are in the planning process to build your business online we're happy to help, and we're actual humans here on the other side of the form.
We're here to discuss your challenges and plans!