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Your Company Website Security.

Corporate websites are unfortunately prone to security risks. Un-patched and old versions of website CMS softwares, un-guarded and un-prepared websites present a very serious sources of security risk. You will lose customers when your website is blacklisted by Google and web browsers.

What You Can Do About Company Website Security?

Always ensure you keep all your website such as a CMS or website software uptodate. When website security holes are found in software, hackers are quick to attempt to abuse them. You will also need to install a Website Scanner to automatically scan for malicious files and engaged a security policy where the webmaster can help clean difficult hackers files.

Secure & Protect Your Investment

As technology advances, so do hackers, malware and spamming technologies. Websites around the world are constantly being attacked by AUTOMATED ROBOTS 24 hours a day and all kinds of malware are created every day.

This requires the cooperation of both website owner and website developer to ensure the website software version is always the latest and optimized on a constant basis in the battle for a secured website.

What Happen When Website is Attacked?

  • destabilized and overloads the server and use up harddisk space
  • slow down your websites and also others who shared the same server
  • blacklist by Google and show red malware notice screen on browser
  • Google search result shows surfers your website is harmful with malware
  • website main screen defaced or creates a blank white screen

Website Security Plans to fix and protect your website.

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